plutão anão #04

plutao anao #04


drown | THE SMASHING PUMPKINS| [o] [l] [b]
ize of the world | THE STROKES |[o] [l] [b]
make it wit chu | QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE |[o] [l] [b]
to the east | ELECTRELANE |[o] [l] [b]
see-line woman | FEIST |[o] [l] [b]
not even jail | INTERPOL |[o] [l] [b]
the wrath of marcy | THE GO! TEAM |[o] [b]
fri/end | THURSTON MOORE |[o] [b]
puzzle and game | PEARL JAM | [l] [b]
middle of nowhere | HOT HOT HEAT |[o] [l] [b]
jigsaw falling into place | RADIOHEAD |[o] [l] [b]
robbers | COLD WAR KIDS |[o] [l] [b]

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