plutão anão #71


colors | BLACK PUMAS
grandma’s hands | BILL WITHERS
footsteps | MODERN NATURE
face of the sun | SHANA CLEVELAND
anybody seen my baby | THE ROLLING STONES
road to nowhere | TALKING HEADS
dance of the clairvoyants | PEARL JAM
irreal social | BAN
alexis’ boogie | B.B. KING
butterscotch | CHUCK BERRY
the matador has fallen | DANGER MOUSE & DANIELE LUPPI
till i get my way | THE BLACK KEYS
nail in my coffin | THE KILLS
tip toe | SAULT

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Plutao Anao #67


love is love | WOODS
rotary connection | ROCKET JUICE & THE MOON
total entertainment forever | FATHER JOHN MISTY
soothing | LAURA MARLING
put your money on me | ARCADE FIRE
american dream | LCD SOUNDSYSTEM
it’s my life | TALK TALK
come to me now | KEVIN MORBY
thinking of a place (part 1) | THE WAR ON DRUGS
film music | ELECTRELANE
adeus tristeza | LINDA MARTINI
moura | SITIADOS
ai que vida | DEAD COMBO