plutão anão #52


need your love so bad | FLEETWOOD MAC | Need Your Love So Bad (single)
before you accuse me | BO DIDDLEY | Say! Boss Man (single)
when it’s good | BEN HARPER | Diamonds On the Inside
mean old world | ERIC CLAPTON & DUANE ALLMAN | Crossroads
billy the kid | RY COODER | Into the Purple Valley
cars hiss by my window | THE DOORS | L.A. Woman
you shook me | LED ZEPPELIN | Led Zeppelin I
vampire blues | NEIL YOUNG | On the Beach
prayer of death | CHARLIE PATTON | Prayer of Death (song)
where did you sleep last night | LEAD BELLY | Where Did you Sleep Last Night (single)
folsom prison blues | JOHNNY CASH | At Folsom Prison
hear my train a comin’ | JIMI HENDRIX | Bloom

watch out | FLEETWOOD MAC | Blues Jam in Chicago
confessin’ the blues | THE ROLLING STONES | Confessin’ the Blues (single)
ball and biscuit | THE WHITE STRIPES | Elephant