Plutao Anao #66


seasons | CHRIS CORNELL | Singles Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
blow up the outside world | SOUNDGARDEN | Down on the Upside
call me a dog | TEMPLE OF THE DOG | Temple of the Dog
can’t change me | CHRIS CORNELL | Euphoria Morning
like a stone | AUDIOSLAVE | Audioslave
fell on black days | SOUNDGARDEN | Superunknown
spoonman | CHRIS CORNELL | Singles Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)
thank you | CHRIS CORNELL | Songbook
right turn | ALICE IN CHAINS | Sap (EP)
river of deceipt | MAD SEASON | Mad Season & Seattle Symphony: Sonic Evolution
black hole sun | CHRIS CORNELL | Songbook
the promise | CHRIS CORNELL | The Promise Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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