plutão anão #54


oh well | FLEETWOOD MAC | Oh Well (single)
trouble town | JAKE BUGG | Trouble Town (single)
the puritan | BLUR | Under the Westway (single)
the wanderer | U2 FEATURING JOHNNY CASH | Zooropa
sleeping ute | GRIZZLY BEAR | Shields
apocalypse dreams | TAME IMPALA | Lonerism
greens pool | POND | Greens Pool (EP)
why can’t i touch it | BUZZCOCKS | The Party Animal O.S.T.
my lonesome | TWO WOUNDED BIRDS | Two Wounded Birds
angels | THE XX | Coexist
mysteries | BETH GIBBONS & RUSTIN MAN | Out of Season
step out for a while | PATRICK WATSON | Adventures in Your Own Back Yard

3 thoughts on “plutão anão #54”

  1. Beijo à minha primita Daisy por ter dado a sua voz e imagem a este programa. You’re one hell of a reporter 😉

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