plutão anão #32


truth | HANDSOME BOY MODELING SCHOOL | So… How’s Your Girl?
outer limits | SLEEP ∞ OVER | Outer Limits (EP)
little bit | LYKKE LI | Youth Novels
night & day | CHIEF | Modern Rituals
dreams | FLEETWOOD MAC | Rumours
do you realize?? | THE FLAMING LIPS | Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
kim & jessie | M83 | Saturdays = Youth
die | CARRISA’S WIERD | I Before E
young blood | THE NAKED AND FAMOUS | Passive Me Aggressive You
nantes | BEIRUT | The Flying Club Cup
silver soul | BEACH HOUSE | Teen Dream

2 thoughts on “plutão anão #32”

  1. Eheh 🙂

    Da’-lhe ai’ brother e aproveita ao ma’ximo a cidade e a companhia. Se o Pluta~o Ana~o puder contribuir ainda mais para o vosso bem estar, entao melhor ainda!

    Forte abrac,o e beijo ‘a Kat!


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